Company Information

Lemax - Europe BV
P.O. Box 7
The Netherlands
Lemax – Europe UK
P.O. Box 487
TN13 9LG
United Kingdom
Account name Lemax – Europe BV
Account number
IBAN NL60 ABNA 0447744011

V.A.T. Number NL 8196.57.517.B01
Chamber of Commerce NL Leiden, 27321953

Member of

BSCI The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a leading supply chain management system that supports companies to drive social compliance and improvements within the factories in their global supply chains. BSCI implements the principle international labour standards protecting workers’ rights such as International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions and declarations, the United Nations (UN) Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and guidelines for multinational enterprises of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). 

BSCI DBID # 361776 last audit result C

NVMP (Stichting Nederlandse Verwijdering Metalektro Producten) The NVMP Foundation (the Dutch Foundation for the Disposal of Metal and Electrical Products) is the implementation organisation that has been commissioned by producers and importers to set up an efficient and effective collection and recycling system for discarded electrical and electronic equipment and appliances.

NEDVANG The Packaging Decree came into force on 1 January 2006.This decree makes companies responsible for organising and paying for the collection and recycling of their packaging waste. Nedvang was set up by industrial and commercial organisations on 10 November 2005. Nedvang will be coordinating and financing the collection and processing phases on behalf of businesses.

DER GRÜNER PUNKT GERMANY As of January 1, 2009 the 5th amendment of the German Packaging Ordinance has come into force according to which producers and distributors of sales packaging filled with goods that typically end up with private consumers are obliged to participate in a dual system with these sales packaging. By participating in the dual system of Duales System Deutschland GmbH we comply conviently and in accordance with law with the requirements of the German Packaging ordinance.

ARA AG AUSTRIA Altstoff Recycling Austria Aktiengesellschaft (ARA) was founded in 1993 on an initiative of Austrian trade and industry. As a service company, ARA provides a wide array of services to all companies that are effected by the Austrian Packaging Ordinance. Together with AGR, the recycling organization for glass, ARA organizes the collection and recovery of all types of packaging waste throughout the country, thus providing the Austrian with an excellent and highly convenient combination of curbside collection, delivery system and recycling centers.